90 min / Color / 2021

After the disappearance of her girlfriend a young trans woman comes into contact with an ancient evil.

BRAIN DEATH is a genre infused work rooted in experimental traditions with a focus on digital-manipulation and recontextualization. It is a document on identity and paranoia in an increasingly atomized age of American culture and an attempt to give structure to an information-saturated world.

"A glitched out nightmare for the terminally online age" - Oscar Goff, bostonhassle.com

Winner of the FILM FROM HELL award and Best Lead Performance in a Feature from the Nightmares Film Festival; the Audience Favorite Feature Award from Bizarroland Film Fest, and the Ficino Award for Best Editing from the Hermetic Film Festival.

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33 min / Color / 2022

A disconsolate incel encounters a sentient pool of mud.

BOY MONSTER will screen December 11, 2022 as part of the BIZARROLAND FILM FESTIVAL in Orlando, Florida.


OLD DOLIO - Rembrandt. 2022.

From the album SUNK!

OBEY - SaneSun Martyrs. 2022.

From the album DeVice.

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